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The Woolwell Centre is situated at the heart of Woolwell to the north of Plymouth.  The aim of the Centre is to encourage local people of all ages to get involved and participate in a range of activities and exciting events.  The Centre strives to support both businesses and individuals together.  By encouraging sponsorship, voluntary work and many activities to the Centre, the aim is to enhance the lives of the local community of Woolwell and the surrounding areas.

What can the Woolwell Centre offer you?

The Centre was built for the benefit of the local residents in Woolwell and the surrounding areas and is a large and impressive building set in it’s own grounds.  We are able to cater for just about anything that is asked of us and we are always up for a challenge!  We offer competitive rates, a relaxed and friendly environment with great catering in-house, bar available at keen prices and a range of meeting/conference rooms available to hire to suit your needs.  

Conference & meeting room facilities - fun activities for the young and old - community training courses - entertainment, sporting activities, and much more......

Contact us today to find out more - we aim to ensure that you will not be disappointed!